Aerospace is sensitive to the weight of parts and the parts optimized by advanced design methods are often complex in structure. XDM's PBLM forming process brings the possibility of manufacturing topologically optimized complex curved structures and lightweight structures filled with porous lattices. Advanced applications are represented by manufacturing some aerospace engine parts with thin-walled curved surface structures or internal flow passages, which result in work flow simplification and cost reduction. Also, this technique allows designers to focus more on the performance of the product itself without worrying about the constraints imposed by the manufacturing process.

3D Printers

Model:XDM 420/500

Building:420mm × 420mm × 500mm / 500mm × 500mm × 500mm

Laser:IPG fibre laser, 500W(XDM 420) / 500W×4(XDM 500)

Model:XDM 300

Building:300mm × 300mm × 410mm

Laser:IPG fibre laser, 500W/500W×2/500W×4

Model:XDM 750

Building:750mm × 750mm × 500mm

Laser:IPG fibre laser, 500W×4


Copper alloy material, complex curved surface, internal flow channel, integrated design, applied to aerospace and energy power industry.

Thrust Chamber

Nickel-based alloy material, complex thin-walled surface, integrated design, applied to aerospace and energy power industry.


High-strength steel material, lightweight design, complex curved shapes, used in the energy power industry


Nickel-based alloy material, thin-walled complex curved structure, used in aerospace.

Jet Exhaust

Stainless steel material, lightweight design, internal flow channel optimization, used in automotive transportation, energy, power, and aerospace.

Multi-Way Joint

Nickel-based alloy material, thin-wall complex curved structure, used in the aerospace and power industry.



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