With the gradual expansion of the 3D printing application market and the continuous release of market demand, the cultivation of 3D printing professionals is still in its infancy, and there is a huge talent gap in the entire industry that cannot provide strong talent support. Now this problem is gradually being solved. XDM has collaborated with more and more colleges to create a talent training ground, allowing students to fully grasp a solid theoretical foundation and accumulate rich practical experience, making them become the mainstay in the 3D printing industry development. 

3D Printers

Model:XDM 120

Building:120mm × 120mm × 100mm

Laser:IPG fibre laser, 200W/500W

Model:XDM 250

Building:250mm × 250mm × 360mm, 250mm × 250mm × 410mm

Laser:IPG fibre laser, 500W

Model:XDM 300

Building:300mm × 300mm × 410mm

Laser:IPG fibre laser, 500W/500W×2/500W×4


Titanium alloy material, filled with the porous structure for weight reduction, used in aerospace

Porous Gearbox

Aluminum alloy material, topological optimization structure, applied to automotive traffic and aerospace industry

Topological Optimization Structure


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Cooperative Research

Project Application

Manufacture Service

Teaching Support

Laboratory Planning




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