With the stringent regulatory conditions, the continuous rise in raw material costs and the urgent requirements for time to market, the competition in the automotive industry has become increasingly fierce. XDM's extensive experience in the field of metal additive manufacturing can help customers achieve lighter weight components, more efficient and easy-to-use clamping tools, and integrated parts that are easier to assemble. Thanks to the strong manufacturing capacity of XDM's additive manufacturing systems, automakers has greatly shortened the verification cycle of new parts, speeding up the time to market while reducing costs.

3D Printers

Model:XDM 300

Building:300mm × 300mm × 410mm

Laser:IPG fibre laser, 500W/500W×2/500W×4

Model:XDM 420/500

Building:420mm × 420mm × 500mm / 500mm × 500mm × 500mm

Laser:IPG fibre laser, 500W(XDM 420) / 500W×4(XDM 500)

Model:XDM 750

Building:750mm × 750mm × 500mm

Laser:IPG fibre laser, 500W×4


Stainless steel material, complex internal flow channels, used in the automotive and energy power industry.

Power Shell

High-strength steel material, integrated design, used in automobile industry

Complex Component

Aluminum alloy material, complex internal flow channel, self-supporting structure, used in the energy power industry.

Heat Exchanger


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