The exploitation of oil and natural gas requires a large number of customized tools. Gas turbines and other power generation equipment contain many parts with complex curved surfaces, thin walls, and inner flow channel. The emergence of additive manufacturing has provided new innovative possibilities for the industry. XDM's additive manufacturing solution can help suppliers shorten the delivery time of customized tools, improve the efficiency of energy equipment output, and help you become a global leader in the industry.

3D Printers

Model:XDM 420/500

Building:420mm × 420mm × 500mm / 500mm × 500mm × 500mm

Laser:IPG fibre laser, 500W(XDM 420) / 500W×4(XDM 500)

Model:XDM 300

Building:300mm × 300mm × 410mm

Laser:IPG fibre laser, 500W/500W×2/500W×4

Model:XDM 750

Building:750mm × 750mm × 500mm

Laser:IPG fibre laser, 500W×4


Aluminum alloy material, complex internal flow channel, self-supporting structure, used in the energy power industry.

Heat Exchanger

High-strength steel material, integrated design, customized porous-structure, used in the energy industry.

Downhole Tool

Nickel-based alloy material, complex thin-walled surface, integrated design, applied to aerospace and energy power industry.


Nickel-based alloy material, thin-wall complex curved structure, used in the aerospace and power industry.



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